Safe & Efficient
Safe & Efficient
Traffic incident management on Maine’s roadways
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Traffic Incident Management (TIM)

Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Committees are groups of stakeholders consisting of law enforcement, fire, rescue, towing, recovery, and transportation agencies interested in enhancing traffic incident management on Maine’s roadways.

TIM consists of a planned and coordinated multi-disciplinary process to detect, respond to, and clear traffic incidents so that traffic flow may be restored as safely and quickly as possible. Effective TIM reduces the duration and impacts of traffic incidents and improves the safety of motorists, crash victims and emergency responders.

The mission of the TIM program in Maine is to improve safety and reliability of the transportation network by developing and sustaining an effective, multi-disciplinary statewide TIM Program.

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Meeting will take place at 327 Thorsen Road, Hancock, ME or virtually via Zoom. If you have any questions please contact Jacob Stein.
Meeting will take place at State Police Barracks – 198 Maine Ave, Bangor or virtually via Zoom. If you have any questions please contact Jacob…

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Sara Devlin — BACTS Executive Director

Stephen Landry — MaineDOT State Traffic Engineer

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